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Security Keys & Electronic Security

Electronic & Electro-Mechanical Keys

This section looks at some of the latest technology available on the market today, Electro-Mechanical Keys for access control without the need to run wires to every door or access point.

Technology in this sector of the market is fairly new outside of the automotive market. Never the less there are a few competitors offering the ability to control access both electronically and mechanically in the same mechanism (electro-mechanical) and others controlling locking electronically without the requirement to run wires to each point. The options available vary in their capabilities with each offering some unique solutions.

The one element that makes these mechanisms an R&D department nightmare is the requirement for power and the desire to maximise the life of the battery so as to minimise maintenance resources. Further on you will find solutions utilising powered keys to activate the locks and provide read & write capabilities for audit trails and validation, while others power the lock to provide much the same capabilities with a few additional features such as a time programmable unlock mode to automatically unlock and lock doors at preset times.

Videx Cyberlock Electronic Master Key System, Electronic Key System, Electric Lock System

With each of the above options comes a requirement for management and maintenance of the power source. With a battery in the key, the onus is on the key holder to ensure the battery is replaced when it indicates it is getting low. With the powered lock option a management plan must be followed to ensure batteries are replaced before they run flat and cause unnecessary frustration, with the addition of training users to report any premature indication of a low battery state.

Where these solutions are flexible and convenient, they do not provide the same degree of control and monitoring capabilities as a full blown access control system where every point is online and constantly monitored. On the other hand, an online system is not capable of supporting a padlock on a remote gate or mobile situations, and often to costly for temporary situations. Or the ability to provide access control solutions which utilise integrated mechanical mechanisms in the one system for cost savings on those not so critical access points. Then there is always a hybrid solution that adopts combinations of some of the above features to provide both an online and remote solution in one.

Each product has its place in the market, INTEGRITY can analyse your access and control requirements and propose a solution to best fit your circumstances. If you would like to discuss your situation with one of our experienced team, please either call our office on 1300 366 488 or contact us here to arrange a professional consultation.