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Padlocks for Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Travel and Marine Security

Padlocks are generally portable locks used to protect against theft, vandalism, sabotage, espionage, unauthorized entry or use of equipment. They are designed to guard against varying degrees of forced and surreptitious entry.

Padlocks are available in many shapes and sizes to suit an almost endless array of applications from a travel suitcase through to military munitions stores. Different key systems are available as enhanced security options in a wide range of padlocks. These range from the basic easily defeated key types to high security pick proof mechanisms for the security conscience and most demanding applications. Security can even be taken one step further with electro-mechanical options for an extra level of security and control with dual access, audit trail and time zone functions.

Choosing the correct padlock for the application is imperative. I.e. Using a heavy duty, high security lock combined with a light or flimsy latch, chain or fitting is pointless. Padlocks can be complimented by providing additional security features both built into the design of the lock and through the selection of supplementary products. Some of these options are guards to protect the shackle and fittings to match the padlock for a uniform degree of security.

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