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Product Ratings

Quality Ratings System

This quality rating system is an evaluation of the quality in build and performance if the individual item. A rating of five or above generally indicates that the product is one of the best of its type available in construction and performance. Taking into account materials used finish of the product and durability in everyday usage for the tasks it was intended.

Security Rating System

This security rating is intended as a guide to either the physical security provided by a product and/or the intrinsic security offered by the product. The physical security offered by a solution must be considered along with the barrier as a whole. In other words a solution is only as good as its weakest link. An example would be a padlocks physical security is only as good as the fitting or chain it is secured to. For this rating system a score of 5 or over is an indication of top of the range high security physically, intrinsically or both.

Usage System


A product that is suitable for residential use only is recommended for light domestic use.


A product that is suitable for commercial use is capable of higher usage rates, is generally well constructed using quality materials and would suit a busy office or institutional environments. This product would also be suitable as a premium residential product.


A product suitable for industrial usage will generally offer a higher level of physical and/or intrinsic security and be durable enough to handle the toughest environments. Industrial products may also be utilised in a commercial or domestic situation should the requirement exist.

High Security

A high security product may be indicated for a devise that offers a extremely high level of physical security. A high security devise may also be indicated for a lock cylinder that incorporates a high security mechanism capable of resisting physical and surreptitious attacks